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Compaq Firmware Update 1.00a


Compaq Firmware Update 1.00a


Windows All

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  • Developer:Compaq
  • Size:1.05MB
  • Operating System:Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • license:Update
  • Version:1.00a

Compaq Firmware Update's Description

From Compaq: Creates a bootable Compaq Firmware Update diskette for updating the hard drive firmware on Maxtor 10, 13.5, and 20GB Hard Drives in the Deskpro and Workstation models listed below. Deskpro EN Series SFF 6300, 6300A, 6300C, 6333, 6333C, 6350, 6400, 6450, 6450+, 6500, C466/810, C500/810, C600 (SFF), Net PC 6300, Net PC 6400, P450+/810e, P500/810e, P533/810e, P550, P600, P600/810e, P600/820, P650, P667 (SFF), P667 (SFF-v), P667/810e, P667/820, P700, P733 (SFF), P733 (SFF-v), P733/820, P800 (SFF), P800 (SFF-v), P866 (SFF), P866 (SFF-v), P933 (SFF), P933 (SFF-v), C566 (SFF-na), P667 (SFF-na), P733 (SFF-na), P1.0GHz (SFF), P1.0GHz (SFF-v) Deskpro EC Series C466/810e, C500/810e, P500/810e, P533/810e, P550/810e Deskpro EC Slim C466, C533, C566, P500, P650, P733 Deskpro EP Series 6266, 6266C, 6300, 6300A, 6333, 6333C, 6350, 6400, 6400C, 6450, 6450+, 6500, a/C466/810e, a/C500/810e, a/P500E/810e, a/P550E/810e, a/P600E/810e, a/P667E/810e, a/P733E/810e, C433/810, C466/810, C500/810, P450+/810e, P500/810e, P533/810e, P550, P600, P600/810e, P650, P667/810e, P700 Deskpro SB Series 6266, 6300, 6333, 6350, 6400

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