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  • honestech Video Editor French
    honestech Video Editor French

    honestech Video Editor 7.0 est une puissante suite de montage vidéo qui vous permet de créer des films d’une grande qualité avec voix off, musique, effets de transition, titres et effets spéciaux. Capturez des séquences vidéo depuis votre télévision, votre caméscope, votre webcam, votre micro et plus encore. 82 effets spéciaux, 84 effets de transition et 79 effets de titres disponibles. Créez des effets d’incrustation d’images.

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    Size: Download
  • AZ Paint Pro, Icon Editor & Animated GIF Editor
    AZ Paint Pro, Icon Editor & Animated GIF Editor

    AZ Paint Pro is a graphics application combining (i) Paint, (ii) Icon Editor and (iii) Animated GIF Editor in a single program. It possesses niche of features and capabilities far beyond what an ordinary paint program or a mere icon editor can provide. The program is most suitable for power users and those who would like to have an all-embracing graphics tool. One can use it as a quality Paint program, one can use it as a professional Icon Editor to create or edit Windows icons and cursors of any size and color depth, one can also use it as a full-featured Animated GIF Editor to render, extract, modify or build animated GIF files. The program provides all the basic and advanced graphic tools and filters to originate or fine-tune images in a variety of native file formats, e.g. BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, ICO, CUR, ANI, WMF and EMF, etc. It also provides import/export of AVI, MNG, APNG, PSD, JP2/J2K, PICT, JNG, PBM/PGM/PPM, HDR and EXR, etc. The program allows users to switch between different file formats in the same work session, thus gaining all the maneuverability of Paint, Icon Editor and Animated GIF Editor operations. This is a prudent product; as it does not use any ActiveX or PlugIn, it will never meddle with users' Windows registry, and there is no need to download any additional file.

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  • Fantom Editor YASE Yet Another Sample Editor
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  • Colour Editor
    Colour Editor

    Colour Editor can change a particular colour in a bitmap to another colour when there are a lot of seperated regions of the colour, which would take a long time to change by filling each one. It is also able to change colours that are not exactly the same by adjusting the tolerance, which can be used to edit colours in photos.

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  • RAF-UML Editor
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  • Color Editor
    Color Editor

    With Color Editor you can: Read most home formats, change the colors of your design to colors from your machines color palette, and save as the same format. Read GNC scalable format and save in most home sew formats. Read GNC format and adjust the density before saving in most home sew formats. See the size and stitch count of a design on the status bar before sewing. Print the design in the actual size and use it as a template. Print out the color sequence chart in the new colors that you have selected

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  • DXF Editor
    DXF Editor

    Accuracy is greatly enhanced by computers, as well as processing speed. Specialized CAD applications are widely used nowadays to make designs before the project is actually built. Amongst others, you can use DXF Editor in order to import suggested files or take advantage of the various creation tools put at your disposal.Intuitive design lets you quickly accommodateThe application sports a rather simple design, but is intuitive enough to quickly get you up and running. Most of the space is dedicated to editing, with several tabs letting you switch between more layouts and side panels providing quick access to creation and editing tools. No ruler or measurement optionsWhat's noticeable from the start is the lack of a ruler for enhanced accuracy. Sadly, this option is not left out by default but is a feature not implemented, which would have greatly come in handy since it's a CAD application. The only method to measure is with a dedicated drawing tool, but it's mostly used for representation because you manually enter values to be displayed. Rich set of drawing toolsOn the other hand, the set of creation tools it comes equipped with is pretty decent. You get do draw lines, polygons, circles, splines, points, or you can use the freehand tool for sketches and even insert text if anything needs to be mentioned in the design. Just like any other drawing utility, your mouse is used to do most of the job. There's also the possibility to further edit objects once created, with options to erase, resize, rotate, mirror or exponentially multiply objects with an array tool. Far from being a proUnfortunately, customization options aren't so abundant and only apply as a general rule to layers. This means that setting line style, color and size makes all objects in the specific layer follow these specifications, cutting out a great deal of flexibility. Luckily, there's an implemented layer manager that lets you set up multiple ones, toggle visibility and at any point re-configure line settings. However, it can get pretty difficult to work or trigger them and drawing utilities only seem to apply to the default layer, regardless of your selection or visibility options. On an ending noteTo sum it up, DXF Editor doesn't fully live up to expectations, leaving a little more to be desired overall. The lack of measurement tools is frustrating, and layer management proves to be more of a challenge, with customization options greatly limiting your design. Sure, you can load and save DXF files and it's rather easy to use, but the poor implementation or missing features might make enthusiasts look away. Reviewed by Mircea Dragomir, last updated on December 23rd, 2014

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