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  • Flash Player Pro - SWF Player
    Flash Player Pro - SWF Player

    Flash Player Pro is a flash player, a manager and a flash screensaver maker Flash Player Pro is a very handy flash tool kit designed to be a Macromedia flash player (Macromedia Flash Player For Pocket PC)and manager. Flash Player Pro it has several powerful flash tools: preview and browse flash movie, capture flash image and set it as wallpaper, create flash screensaver with ease, make conversion between SWF and EXE flash movies etc. All of these features will help you enhance and extend the using possibility of existing flash files. And with friendly user interface, Flash Player Pro offers you a fantastic animated flash world! With Flash Player Pro you can: Browse Macromedia flash movies with built-in viewer. View or play flash movies with built-in player. View or play movies in full screen model. Make flash screensaver (Download Flash Files from webpages) with a few mouse-click. Make flash screensaver installer and distribute it with ease. Capture flash movie image and save it. Capture flash movie image and set wallpaper. Build your own favorite folder, and browse flash movies in it. Make conversion between SWF and EXE flash movies. Copy or move flash movies to another folder. Rename flash movies. Requirements: Pentium 166MHz or higher 64 MB of available RAM at least Macromedia Flash Player 6 ActiveX control or higher version. True Color or Hi-Color display adapter and monitor, with 800x600 (recommended) or higher display mode. Your Flash movie will look their best if you set the display settings to High Color (16-bit) or True Color (24-bit) color resolution. Limitations: 15 days trial, reminder window, unregistered prompt

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  • WEBCAM Player
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  • automatic player
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  • Octaga Player
    Octaga Player

    Octaga is an interactive Web 3D viewer for viewing 3D models. Octaga supports X3D and VRML and works both as a stand alone X3D/VRML viewer and as a X3D/VRML plug-in for Internet Explorer. Other features include complete VRML 97 and X3D support, advanced rendering and optimization features, support of modern 3D accelerators via OpenGL and a highly configurable user interface. Includes a plug-in for Opera, Netscape, Firefox, and Mozilla, adds support for running Java from Script (internal EAI), and improves X3D loading performance. Version may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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  • Liquid Player
    Liquid Player

    Liquid Player implements the LVM, a virtual machine that sits on top of Windows. Programs that run in the LVM have access to many advanced features, such as consoles, 2D/3D graphics, audio, SQL databases, XML, Internet access, and much more! To run you must open any Liquid Executable File.

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  • Bantam Player
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  • LFI Player
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  • Tutorial Player
    Tutorial Player

    Tutorial Player is a handy and reliable application designed to playback tutorials that were created with Tutorial Builder inside Photoshop. Usage: Set the server name and password in Tutorial Player and press the 'Connect' button. If Photoshop is running on a different computer, make sure that it is open and that you have enabled Remote Connections (Edit>Remote Connections).

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  • ImageAMMO Player
    ImageAMMO Player

    ImageAMMO Player is a useful application designed for the purpose of displaying photo collections within an interactive 3D space. Images can be added from different locations in standard formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG or BMP. With the help of ImageAMMO Player, you are able to add unlimited images and create a stunning 3D view.

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  • Tano Player
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  • 2 Player EMS-USB Adapter
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  • APE Player Plus
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  • Pine MP3 Player
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  • Kazoo Audio Player
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  • Koala Player XP
    Koala Player XP

    Koala Player 3.5 XP is windows player for playing movie files with high quality subtitles and uses speech engine. Main Features: Windows 7 support Lector module to which reads subtitles High quality subtitle engine, Subtitle Autoalign, selected font charset saved, Subtitle intelligence engine, Detecting all subtitle files in movie directory, Automatic loading best possible subtitles stored in movie directory, Easy GUI: control panel, preview window, context menu, New default skin, Visible control panel on full screen mode, Skin support - with button selection, Editable skins with Stardock SkinStudio application, Support for 13 subtitle file formats, Multilanguage support, Resizable preview window, Fullscreen playing, Custom playback rates, Command line support, Pan-scan, Custom Screen Ratio (saved) and zoom, Full zoom, Bookmarks, S/PDIF output supported for AC3 files, Remote control support - WinLIRC, AviFix module with anti-freeze option - for repairing corrupted avi files, Easy subtitle editor, Playlist, Preferences window, Network searching for newest versions, Auto-hide video window for audio files option, Drag&Drop, Playing audio files.

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  • TV Art Player
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  • Magento Flv Player
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  • CDA Player Plus
    CDA Player Plus

    CDA Player Plus is an application designed to help you play and convert an audio CD using the CDA format. CDA is a file extension that exists on an audio CD and refers to the audio track. It doesn’t contain any audio data so you can’t convert it but you can use it to grab the songs from a CD. CDA Player Plus displays a user-friendly interface and loads the tracks from a disc as soon as it is inserted into the drive. You can view their name, size, length and creation date. Quick controls for playback and CD ripping are also provided. The application offers playback support for file formats such as WAV, AIFF, APE, CDA, MP3, OGG, AU, VOC, and WMA but can only convert them to WAV, MP3 and WMA. Which is not that bad since these are the most used audio formats in circulation today. Before you convert any of the tracks on disk, you can access information about them and even edit their ID3 tags. The ripping process itself is as simple as can be. From the list of available tracks you select the ones you want to grab, choose their new format, destination, filename and then click the ‘Rip’ button. In case you want to get into details about the quality of the converted tracks, CDA Player Plus allows you to customize bitrate, samplerate, VBR quality and choose between different types of codecs. CDA Player Plus grabs the tracks in the exact order in which they are displayed in the application but you can easily rearrange them if you need to. Moreover, you are also capable of customizing the filename format before the tracks are converted. In closing, if you’re looking for a simple to use tool that can rip tracks from an audio CD and convert them, then you should try CDA Player Plus. Reviewed by Alexandru Chirila, last updated on January 25th, 2014

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