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  • texture generator
    texture generator

    Texgen is the simple texture generating software. Just give inputs,color factors and get different types of textures. You may use the texture as desktop wallpaper, as background image,in your games or software (freeware/shareware), in presentations, etc and many more!

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  • Tree Generator
    Tree Generator

    Tree Generator was built in Java and is an application that generates a unique "tree-like tree" based on an initial basic seed. Now you can make use of this accessible and easy-to-use instrument to create virtual of different shapes and sizes in no time at all.

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  • Thumbnail Generator
    Thumbnail Generator

    Thumbnail Generator is a handy and reliable application designed to resize your photo collection to a size of your own choice. Thumbnail Generator is the perfect choice for when you wish to create a gallery out of a large picture collection. By resizing the photos, you get a smaller version of the original images, with no loss in quality. [b]Note: [/b]The use of this software is free for private, non-commercial use. For commercial purposes, a license is required.

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  • Caustics Generator
    Caustics Generator

    Caustics Generator is a lightweight software application designed specifically for helping you generate water caustics textures. Its aim is to simulate the effect of light refracting through water and render images which can be used in real-time graphics, such as games and simulations. What’s more, the generated water surface is tileable, which means you can tile individual images both horizontally and vertically, while an animation sequence loops in time. The advantages of being portableSince this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry. You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to render caustics light patterns on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps. Configuration settingsCaustics Generator gives you the possibility to alter several caustic parameters pretty easily, thanks to the built-in sliders, namely depth, intensity, amplitude, frequency, and time. The current settings can be exported to CST file format, so you can quickly upload them in your future projects. What’s more, you are allowed to enter a user-defined number of frames, specify the size of the image (up to 512x512), alter the background color based on the RGB values, automatically preview the changes applied to the image in a dedicated panel, pick the saving directory, as well as export the water caustics texture to BMP file format. Bottom line All in all, Caustics Generator comes bundled with a handy suite of features for helping you create caustics light patterns with minimal effort. If you are looking for advanced options, such as commercial use, animation playback and tiling preview, motion blur, high dynamic range image output (EXR), fast rendering of animations on multi-CPU computers, surface height and normal map output, and unlimited image size, you may check out the professional version of the program, which can be found here. Reviewed by Ana Marculescu, last updated on June 11th, 2014

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  • Button Generator
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  • AsciiArt Generator
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  • Guilloche Generator
    Guilloche Generator

    Advertisement Guilloche Generator is a Photo & Image software developed by Bogdan Spirache. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Guilloche Generator: Edit By [b]Guilloche Generator[/b] is a simple guilloche generator. It can perform the Editable x and y functions. Exports emf, wmf, jpg and bmp . Exports coordinate list as csv, useful for vector graphics apps.Free to try.

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  • Autorun Generator
    Autorun Generator

    From Tantawi Software: Autorun Generator can offer a great help if : You are a CD Creator, and you want to make your CD icons different, you can set your CD to change its drive icon and run a program or any file when it was inserted, you can also change the label of the CD-ROM drive. If you want to change your Hard Disk(s) icon (available on Windows 95/98 only) Because Microsoft has removed this feature from all Windows versions above 98! If you want to change any folder icon so you can make every folder different.

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  • Textmosaic Generator
    Textmosaic Generator

    Textmosaic Generator allows you to generate a text mosaic from a bitmap picture and a text of your choice. Unlike ASCII-Art programs, this software uses the font size to represent different luminance levels. This way, you can use any text as source.: combine the declaration of independence and a photo of a bald eagle. The Textmosaic Generator saves the result as HTML file that you can open with any up to date browser.

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  • Text Image Generator
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  • V-variable Fractal Generator
    V-variable Fractal Generator

    V-variable Fractal Generator is an easy-to use application designed to generate fractals in three dimensions. It allows the user to define custom IFSs (Iterated Function Systems) to generate V-variable fractals, and some examples are already included. The IFSs can be iterated step by step, and the steps can be animated. Defined transformations, IFSs and superIFSs are saved in a file.

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  • QZ Thumbnail Generator
    QZ Thumbnail Generator

    QZ Thumbnail Generator is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you create your thumbnails fast and easy. Basically you can resize your pictures and images.It support different size and allow to run simultaneously

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  • Onedotzero Identity Generator
    Onedotzero Identity Generator

    Onedotzero Identity Generator allows you to visualize the attraction of social content representing it as lines in a beautiful animation. This was the basic concept of the Onedotzero festival. The software simulates a multitude of electromagnetic point poles in a tridimensional environment, allowing you to manage it as you wish. The outside poles represent nodes of the online community that generate text ribbons. You can change the camera mode, zoom in or out, change the rotation speed and so on. Your actions modify the appearance of the wordmark.

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  • Magic Image Generator
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  • Fractal Image Generator
    Fractal Image Generator

    Fractal Image Generator is a lightweight and easy to use piece of software that generates fractal images by size and color. You can further customize the fractal by editing the mathematical values available in the program. Fractal Image Generator allows you to choose between these colorizing methods: random color delta, iteration from starting and random.

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  • ASCII Generator dotNET
    ASCII Generator dotNET

    ASCII Generator is a small 32-bit Windows editor tool that you can use to transform images into text characters. The program does not require any installation, so you can store it on any external device and run it directly from there. The GUI is extremely simple to use, although the functions may be difficult to follow for beginners. The first step you need to take is open an image file into ASCII Generator (drag and drop is supported), and its ASCII code instantly appears on the screen. From this point on, you can modify font, levels, brightness and contrast, dither, sharpening method, in order to get the results you want. Additionally, you can preview and print the new image with its original colors, but also save it as black and white text, or colored text (plain text, rich text, NFO, XHTML), as well as black and white image, or colored image (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF). If you save the text as image, you can choose the magnification level (thus, setting the output size) - the smaller the picture, the better the quality. Playing with the text font is also fun (because you can create various image effects), but you cannot really view the difference unless you zoom out of the image. Zooming out the traditional way (by holding down Ctrl and using scroll) doesn't work very well in the main window, so all you can do is switch to color preview mode. Sadly, there is no Undo button in ASCII Generator, and hotkeys would be welcomed as well (especially for switching to color preview mode). Sometimes, when you switch to a different font, preview mode is not possible anymore. ASCII Generator also supports batch conversion, and you can change the default font in Settings, as well as the input and output directory, and output size. So, ASCII Generator is a great tool to play with, offering you the possibility to accurately convert simple text files from real images. It just needs some navigational improvements. Reviewed by Elena Opris, last updated on November 23rd, 2012

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  • Color Palette Generator
    Color Palette Generator

    The Color Palette Generator application was designed to be a simple tool that will generate a color palette from the loaded image. It can generate color palette from URL image or from any image file.

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  • Blank Tiff Generator
    Blank Tiff Generator

    As the title suggests, this program creates an empty TIFF image file. The number of pages that the produced file may contain can be specified, ranging from 1-1000. The location of the produced file within the file hierarchy can also be specified and easily browsed. This application was originally developed for a very specific task involving Imscan, whereby blank TIFF files were needed to complete production.

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