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Nero 8


Nero 8


Windows All

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  • Developer:Nero
  • Size:226 MB
  • Operating System: Windows 2K / XP / Vista
  • license:Commercialware
  • Version:

Nero 8's Description

Nero 8 series suite mainly for creating, editing, extracting, convert and burn users of digital media content .Nero 8 对 optimized Windows Vista, Nero 8 has a new user interface and a very easy to use, one-stop digital media treatment options .Nero 8 all work can begin in one click, Nero 8 announced that they will provide for high-definition video including high-definition disc playback, including support .Nero 8 also supports direct upload video channel YouTube and MySpace, and includes more advanced CD, DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD burning options. in addition, Nero 8 also provides tools to help Windows Vista Sidebar backup system.Nero 8 except make the operating system optimized for windows vista outside, Nero 8 also provides users with a completely new user interface, thereby greatly enhancing the "Creating and managing digital media projects efficiency. For example, Nero 8 product launch page, any form of multimedia editing can be a key to achieve. Officials said Nero 8, Nero 8 will fully support high-definition video, including high-definition DVD video playback.

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